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Why trust something as
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to any other social security

When it comes to helping you secure the benefits you deserve, who better to have on your side than a social security disability specialist who spent years ruling on cases just like yours?

Peter J. Lemoine has won claims and appeals for thousands of people from Lafayette to Mobile and beyond, and he can do the same for you. Live chat operators are available now. Don't delay. Put him to work for you today!

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Social security disability attorney Peter J. Lemoine helps people get approved for social security disability benefits.

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Why trust something as important as your income to any other social security attorneys? The social security attorneys and staff...

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Words from our Attorneys

What Lemoine Law Firm disability lawyers do, how much it costs, and other common questions. The information on this page...

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What Our Clients Say

”They were very precise in handling my case and were very nice and seemed determined to help with my case and see it to the very end. Very professional.”

– Ryan B.

What Our Clients Say

”My experience with Mr. Lemoine was really great. He was very helpful with my disability case. I would recommend him to anyone who would need a disability lawyer.”

– Glenda D.

What Our Clients Say

”The day of my hearing, Mr. Lemoine made me feel confident and important. I was very impressed and would recommend this law office 100%”

– Jimmie M.

What Our Clients Say

”Your law office is very professional. Your staff treated me with dignity and respect. I will recommend your law office to my friends and family. ”

– Donald W.

What Our Clients Say

”I found that your office staff was very professional...Because of you and your great staff you have made my life so much better.”

– Sterla C.

What Our Clients Say

”The staff prepared me for the hearing. Mr. Lemoine did an excellent job guiding me to clearly communicate with the judge. I will always be grateful for his assistance.”

– Marie P.

Attorney, Former Social Security Judge

Peter J. Lemoine

Prior to entering private practice as a social security disability attorney in 1997, Peter J. Lemoine served as a Social Security Administrative Judge for seven years. His practice is devoted entirely to social security disability law, and he has helped thousands secure social security disability benefits.

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Social Security Disability Advocate

Annie Lemoine Newton

Annie began working at the firm in 2011 and received her Juris Doctor Degree from Southern University Law Center in 2016. She has been a member of the National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR), and the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSCR) since 2016; and in 2018 she became an Eligible for Direct Payment Non-Attorney (EDPNA) Representative.

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Peter J. Lemoine, Jr

Peter began working at the firm in 2020, shortly after receiving his Juris Doctor Degree in Law from Southern University Law Center, and he received his license to practice law in Louisiana 2021. Prior to being admitted to the Louisiana State Bar, Peter served as a Judicial Law Clerk for the 12th Judicial Court of Louisiana; where, in addition to his duties at Lemoine Law Firm, he currently as an Assistant District Attorney.

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As you look for the right team to help you with your social security disability claim, you will find many lawyers that practice social security law; but be warned, there is a big difference between lawyers that take social security disability cases and true social security disability lawyers.

Many lawyers who practice social security law also practice in other areas such as personal injury. But at Lemoine Law Firm, social security disability is the firm’s singular focus, and it’s been that way since Peter Lemoine stepped down from his post as a social security judge to join the ranks of other social security disability lawyers fighting for their clients over 20 years ago.

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If you live in or near Lafayette, La. Mobile, Al. or central and south Louisiana and you’ve been denied social security,
or if you’re applying and want to increase your chances of being approved, contact Lemoine Law Firm now.

    Frequently asked questions

    You’re likely to find the answer here.

    The road to being approved for disability benefits is a long one filled with hard-to-understand rules and procedures, frustrating government red-tape and other obstacles that the average American would never see coming.

    With limited federal funding available for Social Security Disability benefits, the approval process is designed to weed people out rather than welcome them in. In addition, social security law is incredibly complex, which makes an experienced social security disability lawyer a very valuable resource for those seeking disability benefits. But just what do social security lawyers do to help people get approved? READ MORE »

    Lemoine Law Firm social security disability lawyers work on a “contingency fee” basis. You don’t owe anything unless and until they win your case. If you don’t win, you don’t owe a fee. This is true all the way through the appeal process, no matter how long it takes. You need no money up front to hire Lemoine Law Firm to pursue your case. If you do win, the fee is calculated as a percentage of the total benefit awarded to you. In addition to helping you avoid the stress of out-of-pocket expenses while you’re still seeking benefits, this arrangement reassures many clients that the team working the case will do their best, because the firm doesn’t get paid unless you get approved for benefits.

    Most people assume that social security disability insurance (SSDI) is something that only “elderly people” get. This is because, for the most part, social security disability insurance is intended to help supplement the income of elderly and retired people. Sometimes, however, younger people collect social security too. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a fund to help people who are under the age of 65 and who have been injured or disabled and are unable to work. READ MORE »

    Most Americans know that there are government Social Security and Disability programs for those unable to work due to injury or illness, but very few people understand what the requirements for social security disability are and just how complicated the approval process can be. READ MORE »

    We’ve all heard of social security and disability support. We all know about the checks that get mailed to people who are hurt or who are unable to work because of medical reasons. The monthly stipend isn’t the only reason to apply for social security disability benefits. People who receive financial assistance through SSDI also receive medical benefits. READ MORE »