A Disability Attorney You Can Trust

In over 20 years as a disability attorney, Peter J. Lemoine and his exceptional staff have served hundreds of clients from Lafayette, Louisiana to Mobile, Alabama with skill, compassion and professionalism.

We know that choosing a disability attorney is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so we encourage you to do your research before deciding who to work with, and that research should include hearing from current and / or former clients.

In order to help you make the right decision, we keep this page up-to-date with comments from real clients who have hired Mr. Lemoine as their disability attorney. All of them were written and posted after March 2013, and other than a few minor spelling and grammar fixes, they have not been altered.

We hope you find these testimonials helpful and informative. If you would like to speak with a disability attorney, please call us at 888-468-3741, send us a message or chat live with a representative right now.

My family and I have been grateful for and comforted by Mr. Lemoine’s expertise in social security law. He and his office have been most helpful to us from filling out our initial paperwork through the hearing. Prior to, during, and following the hearing, Mr. Lemoine’s confident, expert approach greatly reduced our tenseness about the video conference hearing. I and my family found his manner relaxing and his confidence reassuring. My contacts with Mr. Lemoine’s office have always been handled well: my questions were answered quickly and courteously. Thank you and your staff for guiding me through the disability process.

– Cynthia C.

My experience with Mr. Lemoine was really great. He was very helpful with my disability case. I would recommend him to anyone who would need a disability lawyer.

– Glenda D.

The staff prepared me for the hearing. Mr. Lemoine did a excellent job guiding me to clearly communicate with the judge. I will always be grateful for his assistance.

– Marie P.

They very politely greet you when you walk in and they return your phone call the same day. They work hard for you. I would recommend the law office of Mr. Peter Lemoine to my family and friends.

– Julia S.

Mr. Lemoine was very nice to me, he explained things to me in terms I could understand. I am very happy to have him represent me. Everyone in his law office was nice and helpful too.

– Stacey W.

Very caring people-his daughter is very caring and hardworking like her father. Everyone else is nice as well.

– Tammy S.

Very happy with the work his office’s did for my case, and I would tell anyone who had to file to go see ya’ll first.

– Michelle B.

The law office of Peter J. Lemoine, they don’t fool around, they get right to the point and he does also. They solve your problems and they don’t let you worry. They answer any questions you might have. They are very, very good people. I would highly recommend him to anybody who needs help dealing with social security or disability. He points you in the right direction.

– Jimmy A.

I am very pleased with Mr. Peter Lemoine. He had every article of my right to receive my social security. He is also a great person who shows that he really cares about his clients.

– Rachel B.

Peter Lemoine has served me well in my quest for disability benefits. Everything I needed to do was spelled out carefully for me in advance. I was at ease before the judge thanks to his presence.

– David L.

He is very knowledgeable on my case. He makes me feel like he is working hard for me.

– Donna A.

We are very satisfied. Nice people and know what ya'll doing. I would gladly recommend ya’ll’s office.

– Audric B.

So far, I have no complaints. I’ve only visited Mr. Lemoine once since hiring him to represent me, but our first visit, and the hearing went well so far.

– John S.

I Steven L. would like to thank the law firm of Mr. Lemoine and his associates for the excellent service and timely service. It has been a good experience for me. Thank you all so much.

– Steven L.

Mr. Michael L. Did a great job. He was very kind. Thank you for that, I needed that at this time of good people.

– Timothy F.

From the beginning the staff was very professional, courteous, and a lot of other good qualities. I admired through my experience with the Lemoine law firm. Your eagerness to get back with me and answer my questions. I hope your firm stays in touch with me and I will call if I hear anything! May God be with you all!

– Debra M.

Everything was excellent, my calls got returned in an appropriate time. Everyone was professional, respectful and courteous. I will recommend Mr. Lemoine to all.

– Michael K.

Mr. Lemoine was very nice and helpful. When we called all the ladies were very nice and helpful.

– Larry O.

Peter and the law firm were all excellent. I appreciate all of your help. Thanks for all of your time and effort.

– Dana L.

Was very kind and informative. Could not ask for any better.

– Vickie M.

Very professional, informative, thorough.

– Marilyn P.

My experience with your office and staff was wonderful. Every time i called with a question or concern, your staff took the time to listen to me and helped me with my problem. I am very glad I took my case to Peter Lemoine. Thank Ya’ll so very much.

– Rhonda M.

I want to thank Mr. Lemoine for being there when I was in the dark. He helped me to stay here.

– Daniel B.

Any time I had a question or issue it was promptly resolved. My case was professionally handled and was very satisfactory. Thank you very much for all your help.

– Gabrielle L.

I got all answers to questions I asked and all the employees of Mr. Lemoine were nice and wonderful people. I thank all of you very much. I will refer anyone to ya’ll.

– Craig D.

I feel that Mr. Lemoine was very compassionate and understanding of my unfortunate situation. I really appreciate all the effort he has put into my case!

– Linda G.

From the first moment I called and had my first conversation I knew I had contacted the right law firm to handle my case. I was accurately informed on exactly how every step would take place and could not be more pleased with how I was represented. Thank you for your kindness throughout this process.

– Sarah K.

Very excellent experience overall. Staff did a good job of collecting information to aid in case. Always friendly and helpful. Mr. Lemoine was prepared and knew the best questions to ask to guide the process to a successful verdict.

– Charles M.

I find the experience with Peter Lemoine excellent. I would recommend his office to my family and friends.

– Carmelita W.

I am very satisfied with what you’ve done for me. Excellent work and I thank Peter Lemoine and Faith. I will refer any friend to you.

– Mary B.

Your office took a lot of stress off my hands during the appeal. Having the peace of mind knowing your office was helping with my case meant a lot. It would have been hard for me to prepare since I do not have enough good days to be able to accomplish what need to be done in my case. Thank you very much.

– Emily C.

My experience with the law office of Peter J. Lemoine kindness, willing to help you in every step of the way. I will send other clients to him if they need help. God bless you Mr. Peter J. Lemoine.

– Ricky G.

Excellent, making my case understandable on what I need to win this case. The office was very compliant with me getting info from me to Mr. Peter J. Lemoine.

– Ramsie B.

I found that your office staff were very professional. I can not express truly how I feel. Because of you and your great staff you have made my life so much better. I will tell everyone about the result I’ve had with you. God bless you and keep you. Thank you very very much!

– Sterla C.

Peter was recommended to me by my mother-in-law, who worked for Henry Lemoine in Alexandria. And I believe we made the right choice. I have not ever had a bad experience with any of the staff. Mrs. Mary is wonderful since day one. Y’all never have stopped working with my son the whole time. Thank you! I will recommend Peter to others I know who may become disabled. But until then I will keep you in mind. Thank you for everything.

– Cindy H.

He was nice to me and helped me know whats going on. And the things they need to see if I am able to get the help I need so bad. Thank you all.

– Romona D.

My experience with the law office of Peter J. Lemoine was beyond my expectations. I was treated not only as a client but as a person who needed help in receiving some type of disability compensation. Mr. Lemoine and his staff worked with me and explained to me in a language that I could understand so as to know what was available and what must be done. Because of this, I believed that he and his staff would do whatever was possible to help me achieve this compensation so that I could continue my life with some kind of health care and compensation. Whatever the outcome, I knew and felt that because of their experience and their personal mannerism and concern that his law office would do whatever could be done.

– Jennifer L.

Professional, courteous, understanding, caters to your needs, listens to all your questions and answers the ability of the client to understand.

– Rachel D.

I would like to thank Mr. Lemoine and his staff or helping with my case. I feel that you all did an excellent job. Everyone was very helpful, even when I didn’t know what questions to ask. I will recommend you all to anyone filing for disability. Keep up the good work and thank you for working with me.

– Nancy W.

They made sure I understood the process and what would happen. They were very nice and friendly. When I would call and get a voicemail and had to leave a message, my call was returned the same day. Everyone I spoke with treated me with respect and made me feel like I was an important client. No one there every made me feel like I was nobody, or that I asked stupid questions, or I was a problem to be dealt with. And I truly appreciate it. I would like to thank everyone who helped out in my case. And I will gladly recommend this firm to anyone I hear of that needs your type of help.

– Paula B.

Your law office is very professional. Your staff treated me with dignity and respect. I will recommend your law office to my friends and family. Anyone who needs your service. Thank you and your staff for all you have done.

– Donald W.

Very helpful, there whenever needed. Attorney Lemoine gives excellent advice and other alternatives to help me get past the problem. Attorney Lemoine is always professional and willing to go the extra mile for his client. Attorney Lemoine is a very good attorney and he knows his profession and I really respect that . He was a very caring individual, he is definitely genuine in his helpfulness. BEST ATTORNEY EVER!!! Will recommend him to everyone. Again, thanks attorney Lemoine for everything. Most of all he was genuinely concerned about me as a single patient and my child welfare, which made a big statement about him as a person.

– Carlos W.

This law firm won and that’s all that matters because that’s what he was hired for. Thanks for everything.

– Lester H.

Very Professional and experienced in the field of law. Keeps in touch with the client and keeps the client informed of what’s going on. Has informed me to get help with Medicaid health insurance etc. Was very satisfied with the services. Thank you.

– Stephanie G.

I was very reissued by Ms. Kay and can’t thank Mr. Lemoine and his staff for all their time and work and getting my disability. I will keep you in my prayers.

– Charles F.

Very good and friendly service. Everything taken care with only a few calls. Thank you very much.

– Sandra G.

Mr Lemoine is the best lawyer of everyone known in my life. I want to really Thank him.

– Loriane E.

Everyone was very professional and accessible. I would highly recommend your law firm to anyone needing assistance. The informational packet I received were very informative and user friendly. This prevented me from having to constantly call the office seeking information. I found attorney Lemoine to be compassionate and I was able to identify with him.

– Robert R.

Mr Peter Lemoine was good to me and I will tell all my friends and family about him.

– Debra M.

The Law Office helped us with important information on who to contact so we could get help with medication & doctors & agencies to help us in these hard times. We really needed the help. Thanks Very Much.

– Brent A.

They helped me to the best of their ability. They answered all questions. Treats me with kindness and respect.

– Lesia T.

This law office has always called me back if I had to leave a message. The people that work there are always polite and helpful and all that was necessary to get the proper papers and info for my case. Miss Mary & Mr. Lemoine have taken a large burden off my shoulders by doing all they could to help me prepare for court. I thank them for being there to help me.

– Andrea W.

Thank you for giving me hope.

– John R.

Mr. Lemoine Law office called on a regular basis for updates on my health. Mr. Lemoine and his staff were all very friendly and quick and efficient. Thank you so much for all that you do.

– Chad R.

Peter put my case together very well. My case workers were very nice and patient with me. I would highly recommend him.

– Clarence C.

My experience with Peter J. Lemoine was excellent. He explained everything to me. He told me what was good for me to do. I was glad he handled the case. He does great for I would tell everyone in the need of a lawyer. Hope I did tell him & was glad to have him for a lawyer.

– David A.

Awesome Job from start to finish. Very helpful and polite. Thanks for everything.

– Tiffany T.

Mr. Lemoine did an excellent job on my case. He has every piece of information that was available. He knew more about my health problems from than physicians than I did. He was well versed with the judge and I was very impressed with his knowledge of the process and how to communicate the process in plain terms that I could understand. I really appreciate all of the help Mr. Lemoine provided through this complicated and lengthy ordeal. Thank you very much.

– Darryl R.

He was very good and I would refer people to him. He was very professional.

– Joseph D.

I am very pleased with the Law Office of Peter J. Lemoine. The staff has always answered any questions I had.

– Geraldine M.

My experience was well pleased and I have recommended another friend to the firm. I really appreciate everything that was done in my favor. Thanks a bunch.

– Jimmy B.

I was very pleased and impressed with Mr. Lemoine and his staff. They made me feel comfortable, they showed compassion and worked very hard for making me feel at ease. I was at the “end of my rope” when I contact the law office and from day one they made me feel at ease. The day of my hearing, Mr. Lemoine made me feel confident and important. I was very impressed and would recommend this law office 100%. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who worked to help win my case and thanks Mr. Lemoine for going above and beyond helping me.

– Jimmie M.

A great learning experience. Honest, fair, very organized, sharp and to the point. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a loyal and trustworthy person to handle their case.

– Claiborne S.

Very good people to talk to and make you understand what I needed to know. Help you in what you need to do their job very well and make it easy for you. Mr. Peter Lemoine was very nice and makes you don’t worry about anything.

– Debra D.

I feel everyone was very organized with their work. I would deeply recommend my family and friends to see Mr. Lemoine. Thank you all for a wonderful job.

– Freida S.

They were very nice and very helpful and very good people. No complaints at all.

– Daniel B.

Mr. Peter Lemoine and staff at the law office was very helpful with any questions I had and was always very nice. Mr. Lemoine is very professional and he helped me a lot. I wouldn’t have been able to do with without Mr. Lemoine and his staff.

– Stephanie L.

The visit to your office was warm and professional as well as your staff. My one visit with Mr. Lemoine was charming, easy to talk to, very caring about his client. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good laywer.

– Linda E.

Very consistent, no waiting on phone for long. If not available – returned call within minutes. Very understanding and patient. Answered questions with rapid reply. If didn’t answer question to my understanding – explained it to me to my understanding. Were very polite, considerate, always treated clients with greatest regard. Made you feel important like you really were cared about and you were #1. Thank you for all of your consideration and hard work.

– Glenda W.

Mr. Lemoine was very nice and informative about everything I needed to know. Mr. Lemoine explained everything that took place and gave me a lot of important information needed to help myself. Staff was very supportive and helpful. Mr. Lemoine also gave me names of people who can help me in the future.

– Cathy S.

The times I needed to speak with them they were always there and if they couldn’t answer my call right away they called me back the same day. I will recommend this law firm to anyone. The secretaries are nice and sweet. Mr. Lemoine is an excellent lawyer.

– Belinda D.

Very good people to talk to and make you understand what you need to know. Help you in what you need to do their job very well and make it easier for you. Mr. Peter was very nice and made you not worry about anything.

– Debra D.

Mr. Lemoine did an excellent job. If I had any questions, the office staff always was there to answer any of my questions.

– Joe A.

They were very precise in handling my case and were very nice and seemed determined to help with my case and see it to the very end. Very professional.

– Ryan B.

My experience with the law office of Peter J. Lemoine and his staff workers was of great appreciation. You all was so kind and very very nice with all the phone calls and concerns in my behalf I’m greatly appreciated by everyone. I would like to thank everyone who helped me win my case, God Bless.

– Paisley G.

We won case! I thank all that would involved, especially Mr. Lemoine and my caseworker Faith who was so sweet and knowledgeable. My phone calls were always received and returned promptly. I will refer this law firm to others if needed.

– Cynthia A.

Everyone was very helpful and listened to what you had to say and always take the time to explain things to you and saw to you getting the help and the paperwork you needed. Everyone at the office of Peter Lemoine is good hearted people and blessed to have a firm that’s together.

– Claudette W.

Your office personnel was very caring and informative on my case. Mary took time with me no only to get information but to listen. Sometimes that helps me more than anything. That she cared enough to listen. I like to take this time to say THANK YOU ALL for representing me.

– Mary V.