I’ve been denied disability; what should I do?

When you’re denied disability, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced Social Security disability Lawyer.

A qualified Social Security disability lawyer can determine why you were denied disability and help fix the issues that contributed to your denial, help you file a request for reconsideration, and if necessary, an appeal; then represent you at the hearing.

Don’t Give Up

Part of the Social Security Administration’s job is to decide whether each applicant is entitled to disability benefits, but the reality is that many times they get it wrong. In fact, more than half of of applicants are denied disability in the first round.

Continue Your Treatment

If you are undergoing any type of treatment from hospitals, doctors, physical therapists, or other healthcare professionals, you need to continue treatment – even after you have been denied disability – up until you have exhausted all of your rights to appeal the Social Security Administration’s decision. Detailed and consistent documentation of your efforts to improve your condition is your most powerful weapon in your fight for social security benefits.

Build your Claim The Right Way

If you have been denied disability, you must build your case in a way that maximizes your chance of approval, and a qualified social security disability lawyer can help you do that.

While no social security lawyer can guarantee that you will be approved for disability benefits; one who specializes in, and has deep experience with SSDI cases will greatly increase the odds of approval.

If you have been denied disability and would like to discuss your case with a Lemoine Law Firm Social Security disability lawyer, please contact us at 888-468-3741, send a message; or chat online with a representative any time, day or night.

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